SHE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT is an international network and platform that celebrates and increases women’s impact in society as professionals, investors and most of all as individuals, while living up to their values.

We seek to create progressive content, experiences, insights and opportunities that amplify women’s thoughts, expertise and needs around societal and environmental impact. We approach this through the lenses of culture, innovation and experimental forms of education. And in everything we do, we leverage by the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Because we know that the passion of a woman for something that she deeply cares about can move mountains.

Who’s Behind it?

SHE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT was founded by awarded business and brand strategist Nadine Bruder: „In 2016 I started to immerse myself in impact-led and responsible investing, while I was setting up Germany’s first innovative IT-education startup. During that time I realized that I also wanted to support other women with their efforts in creating a sustainable future. It made me sad to see so many women around me who wanted to do something meaningful respectively foster positive impact in society, but they struggled in finding a way to realize their fullest power to do so. With SHE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT, I have the vision to change that.“

A catalyst for others and a „woman of first“.

Her first consulting job turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s brand. In 2008 she made MAN to be the first brand to publicly claim the future of smart cities and autonomous driving as we know it today. Her first mobile app was awarded with “Best App of the Year” by The Next Web. And her first documentary that she helped develop and co-produce was selected from over 2600 applicants from 118 countries to attend the Berlinale Talents Program during Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin.

During her past +12 years of working with top senior executives of internationally operating companies, investors and startup founders, Nadine Bruder gained insights into a lot of different industries and built an impressive roster of experiences. Such as leading digital payment innovations for one of the world’s biggest payment solution provider and contributing strongly in the development of its international innovation acceleration platform.

Today she runs SHE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT and JUST DAMN RIGHT, a company that creates, grows and invests into innovative, sustainable solutions. Bruder also advises senior executives worldwide on business impact strategies. She spoke on notable events and conferences such as Slush Shanghai and Asia Pacific Week Berlin among others and is a member of the German Federal AI Association. She received a masters in audio-visual communication and strategic planning from the University of the Arts Berlin.