SHE FOR SOCIAL IMPACT is a well-curated network made up of leading women across the globe who are committed to create and invest into companies that apply societal purpose and high-scale, innovative technologies to positively impact the lives of millions of people.

Our mission to increase women’s influence in society as impact investors and impact professionals, while living up to their values. With our two-sided impact investing network approach we’re changing the equation on both sides.

Women & Impact Investing

Investing into the future in that women want to live in

$37.5 trillion

The social impact market will grow up to $37.5 trillion US dollar until 2030. Technological and financial innovations are going to shape it.


Men seem to dominate the social impact market. Only 17% of technology jobs in Europe for instance are held by women.


In the US, only 2,5% of all venture capital money went to female-owned businesses in 2016 despite out-performing the ROIs of male peers.


We’re on a mission to increase women’s influence in society as impact investors and impact professionals, while living up to their values. And we’re changing the equation on both sides. 

On one hand, we empower females to understand and create social impact businesses that are financially sustainable and investable. Because we know they are the biggest untapped resource in digital economies, we put resources behind them for professional growth, qualified impact strategies and measurements. They are also build relationships with like-minded women from different industries as well as with impact experts and technology leaders – all committed to redefine the way how business value is created. 

One the other hand, we’re also changing the gameplay of investing as we invite women to the table and help them become confident impact investors. We educate them on how to evaluate social impact investment opportunities and how to strategically increase financial returns. As we reimagine the value beyond the term sheet, we provide female investors access to investment opportunities from within our network, creating first-hand exchange at events and personal connection. 


Nadine Bruder

Nadine Bruder is a business strategy, technology innovation and brand specialist who has been leading senior managers of globally operating companies and startup founders for 11+ years. She is a „woman of first“ – Her first consulting job turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s brand. In 2008 she made MAN to be the first brand to publicly claim the future of autonomous driving and smart cities as we know it today. Her first mobile app was awarded with “Best App of the Year 2013” by The Next Web. Nadine also set up Germany’s first developer education startup in 2016, addressing the IT talent shortage. She also has been leading digital payment innovations for Wirecard and designed its innovation incubation platform. Today, besides running her own businesses, she is strategic advisor to executives and board members of internationally operating companies and member of the German Federal AI Association.