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Responsible societal progress with and by women.

Addressing societies‘ pressing challenges and keeping global warming under 1.5° celsius require responsible leadership, women in decision rooms, gender parity and a fast transformation towards regenerative economies including various innovations.

Therefore, we’re on a mission to provide support systems and career-related opportunities for experienced female professionals and entrepreneurs who value sustainability-informed progress, and to amplify their efforts.

For practitioners by practitioners. locally and across borders.

In 2020 She For Social Impact started as independent awards event recognizing women from different industries whose work-life efforts contribute to achieving the UN Global Sustainability Goals.

Today it is a progressive support system including PR for female professionals and entrepreneurs who value responsible progress and contributing in meaningful ways.

Whether women seek to work in the realm of sustainability, grow their own brand, launch an impact initiative, or expand their business network alongside like-minded women – we got their back. Our diverse team operates out of Germany and Switzerland leveraging networks across Europe and internationally.

How we help women turn what they value into what fuels their work-life.

PR and Business Support

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Personal 1:1 Coaching

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Career Building

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