Beginning of 2020 the independent She For Social Impact Awards were launched by JUST DAMN RIGHT and its founder Nadine Bruder to honor women from all walks of life, cultures and different industries, whose impact-led works challenge the business as usual or status quo in their respective fields to drive advanced solutions for a sustainable future.

Each Award winner will be invited into the international Judging Board of the Awards, thus over time creating a truly diverse, cross-industry, global community of dedicated impact-led role models who inspire to take actions, foster collaboration and elevate other women.

Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards. Becoming Board Member or Ambassador is by invitation only. However, people can apply to be invited. The Awards are a not-for-profit initiative and supported by organizations that share the vision and values recognized by the Awards.

The goals of the Awards are:

  • shining a light on visionary impact-led women from across industries and different countries who inspire others as role models
  • telling the stories of those women and thereby showcasing possible ways to create impact with regards to a sustainable future
  • building global support systems for women and fostering collaborations towards impact-led solutions and a sustainable future
  • inspiring others to help achieve the United Nations #vision2030 and their Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The Advisory and Judging Board is an international group of experts and recognized personalities, who are trusted by their peers. As a result, selected to recognize women, whose works and advanced solutions create societal, economic or environmental impact for a sustainable future.

Ambassadors to the independent She For Social Awards and its platform are equally recognized individuals and organizations. They share the vision for a sustainable future and engage with us in elevating women, who create or want to create societal, economic and environmental impact.

All together, we foster knowledge, collaboration and support systems.


Nadine Bruder

German-born award-winning strategist, entrepreneur and impact-led angel investor, who believes «sustainability» is the greatest opportunity for society and innovation in modern history. Nadine Bruder’s career began in 2008, when her first strategy work turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product, and when she turned MAN Truck & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we know it these days. Since then she has been consulting senior business leaders from internationally operating organizations, technology startups and investment firms. Her cross-industry foresight and holistic approach to business strategy has proven to be a catalytic force for their growth and innovation. In 2015 Nadine set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company to address the global talent shortage. Today, she heads JUST DAMN RIGHT, an impact-led venture platform that she founded, is a member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence, and holds advisory board positions at startups. Besides, Nadine provides strategy and leadership advisory to senior executives worldwide.