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PRESS RELEASE – Inaugural Winners of the Independent She For Social Impact Awards 2020


Contact: Lisa Hofmann

Six women were recognized on June 3, 2020 with the inaugural, independent She For Social Impact Awards for their visionary solutions that challenge the status quo and address the world’s most pressing issues


Berlin, Germany –– June 4, 2020 –– On June 3, 2020 the inaugural winners across six categories of the independent She For Social Impact Awards have been announced during an online event streamed on with opening remarks of esteemed impact leader Alix Peterson Zwane, CEO of the Global Innovation Fund, which invests in scalable social innovation in developing countries. The Awards are the first ones that recognize women from different countries and across different industries – Technology, Business, Science, Finance and Culture – for their impact-led work that challenge the status quo by pursuing advanced solutions for a sustainable future. The independent Awards have been initiated by award-winning strategist and impact angel investor Nadine Bruder. Its international jury is comprised of recognized experts, including Impact Hub Accra’s Co-founder and CEO, Will Senyo; Pritika Kumar, Legal Counsel and Managing Director of Cornellia Chambers in Delhi; 10xBeta’s Founder and CEO Marcel Botha in New York; Guya Merkle, Founder & Chairwomen of Earthbeat Foundation active in Uganda; and Axel Heck, international Counselor and arbitrator in Berlin. Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards.

“The coronavirus, climate change and #BlackLivesMatter show us the complexity between global socio-economic pursuances, our well-beings and peace. To address the world’s most pressing issues and to achieve the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, acting collectively and the willingness to take bold actions have never been needed as much as today”, says Nadine Bruder, initiator of the independent Awards. “Recognizing women from different walks of life and countries who contribute to systemic changes in societies is crucial, because those women not only act as role models for other women and men. Their work also manifest that female approaches to problem-solving are of great complementary value with regards to creating sustainability-led und more just societies. Moreover, elevating women and gender equality are the strongest levers to achieve the UN’s Global Goals.”

„The times are changing. If we truly want to build an inclusive world in which prosperity is possible for all, we must elevate some of our brightest women. We need to bring them to the forefront and highlight their worth in building a more inclusive society”, says Advisory and Judging Board Member Will Senyo, Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Accra, Ghana.


Award Winners 2020:


CATEGORY BUSINESS – Rose Marcario, CEO at Patagonia, USA

Rose Marcario’s efforts in the promotion of conscious consumerism and responsible corporate leadership have set the bar for other consumer brands to follow.

CATEGORY CULTURE – Duezen Tekkal, Journalist, Founder & Chairwoman at, Germany

Düzen Tekkal raises awareness about human rights violation in conflict regions through her journalistic work and creates support systems for victims in those regions, namely women and children as the most vulnerable groups.

CATEGORY FINANCE – Alisée de Tonnac, Co-Founder & CEO at Seedstars World, Switzerland

Seedstars provides startup acceleration and funding opportunities for entrepreneurs in 75+ developing countries and emerging markets.

CATEGORY SCIENCE – Caroline Tapparel, Research Professor in Molecular Virology, Switzerland

Caroline Tapparel is developing new antiviral materials made from sugar which are non-toxic for patients and could address a broad spectrum of viruses, such as HIV and Covid.

CATEGORY TECHNOLOGY – Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, Co-Founder & CEO at Carbo Culture, USA/ Finland

Carbo Culture traps carbon from the air and puts it to use to make soil healthier. Their technology creates high quality char, which is made out of bio waste and wood-like materials such as nutshells.

PUBLIC CHOICE AWARD – Lisa Jaspers, Founder & CEO of FOLKDAYS, Germany

The label collaborates with carefully selected artisans from over 20 developing countries and emerging markets, helping them to keep traditional handicraft alive whilst supporting artisans through stable incomes.





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The independent She For Social Impact Awards have been launched in January 2020 by award-winning strategist, entrepreneur and impact angel investor Nadine Bruder. The Awards create an international platform for impact-led women from diverse industries and regions of the world. They all share the vision that a new sustainable way of business and finance, economic and social gender equality, diversity as well as collectively fighting the world’s most pressing issues like the climate crisis are at the core for a sustainable future for all of us. The She For Social Impact Awards aim at amplifying the visionary efforts of Awards nominees and winners; at inspiring impact-led women and men to take actions; at building global support systems for women; and at achieving the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards. The Awards are a pro bono initiative and supported by organizations that share the vision and values recognized by the Awards.