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What’s Way Better Than on Your Own?

A Career Companion by Your Side

Career and leadership coaching to help master your challenges or achieving your next career level with that nonchalance of a Timothée Chalamet female version.

Cue The Sigh of Relief

Stop wasting your precious energy trying to figure work-related things out by yourself and go after your desired work-life with more ease. If you want to strengthen your leadership muscles, change jobs or your career, become board member, or support a young company as an advisor – our sessions provide the needed space, tools and perspectives that will pull you forward.

Coaching sessions are available in English and in German.

What’s The Process?

Step 1 – FREE 20-Minute Call

Before you start a coaching or a short session, we kindly asked you to book a FREE 20-minute pre-engagement call. During that call you’ll get to know the coach – and feel if you click – briefly discuss your challenge, and together, you’ll decide if and how to go forward based on your goals.

Step 2 – Set Up & Payment

If you and the coach decided it’s a good fit, you’ll receive a contract including payment information and a calendar invite for the first kick-off session – online or IRL if you happen to be in the same city.

Step 3 – Questionnaire & Coaching Session

In order to make the most out of the time together and clearly understand your challenge, the coach will email you a short questionnaire prior to your session. Provide your answers, send it back prior to the coaching session and enjoy the meeting with the coach.

Step 4 – Reflect & Next Steps 

After that kick-off session, your defined coaching process then starts with the next session.

The Coaches And Their Expertise

Christiane Matuschka

Top Executive Coach, Talent Consultant


German & English


Christiane is referred to as the „Queen of the German Mittelstand“ and an expert for leadership and talent development in the corporate realm.

Coaching Focus

  • Improve Your Leadership
  • Lead Through Change
  • Make a Career Inside the Organization

What Others Say

„In short: The coaching changed my life!“ – Michelle, Senior Manager

„I did benefit greatly from Christiane’s decades of experience, because she easily weaves different business-related areas together.“ – Susanne, Chief Executive Officer

„I’m feeling very content with my daily job today. Before the coaching with Christiane, it was the complete opposite – I felt miserable.“ – Maren, Senior Manager

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Nadine Bruder

Award-winning Design and Business Strategist, Founder of She For Social Impact, Sustainability Advocate


English & German


Nadine sees the full-scope potential of people or brands almost immediately and infuses everything with her catalytic energy, creativity and drive for progress.

Coaching Focus

  • What’s Next in Your Work-Life?
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Strategize Your Supportive Ecosystem

What Others Say

„Nadine inspired and pushed me to explore other opportunities and generally got me to think about the future in a new way. I am extremely grateful, and I hope that I can find a suitable way to thank her.“ – Frederika, Cultural Producer

„Nadine really helped me taking the next steps and being aligned with my values. Her attitude is so simple and clear. I owe her a lot!“ – Francesca, Architect & Founder

„I appreciate Nadine’s authenticity and her ability to point out the essence of something. I became clear about what to do differently and felt confident in going forward.“ – Thomas, CEO & Board Member

Book a FREE Introductory Call
Book a FREE Introductory Call

There comes a time in our lives where we have to choose ourselves and find out what makes us happy. I believe magic starts to unfold when actualizing one’s self-power meets being of service to others.

– Nadine Bruder, Founder of She For Social Impact

More Information – aka FAQs

How much is a coaching?

Every inquiry starts with a FREE 20-minute introductory call to help you and the coach to see if it’s a good fit. Then follows a kick-off session which aims at

a) scoping and discussing your challenge, defining goals, and first support by the coach if applicable
b) You’ll also define the coaching process together with the coach in order to meet your goals best.

This kick-off session, including in-depth preparation and first support by the coach, costs €950. Based on your defined goals and coaching process the subsequent fee then varies. The average process consists of 3 – 5 consecutive coaching sessions.

Do you do coaching sessions also in German?

Yes, we do. Coaching sessions can be held either in English or in German.

Can I gift a coaching to someone?

If you’d like for your friend, family member, colleague (or anyone else!) to benefit from a private coaching, you can gift them one kick-off session for them to get familiar with a personal coaching.

You can buy a gift voucher directly here, or if you need further assistance, please contact us here.

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