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Up-level and inspire through your purpose-driven work-life!

We service experienced female professionals and female entrepreneurs who envision responsible societal progress, gender parity and regenerative economies, and who seek to up-level and get amplified to thrive and inspire others.

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Turn what you value into what fuels your work-life!

You seek to work in the realm of sustainability? You like to establish yourself as a domain expert and thrive? You like to grow your brand? Or you seek to contribute in more meaningful ways? We provide a progressive support system to help realize your goals.

Get amplified with PR and business support

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Harness sustainability career building opportunities

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Leapfrog with our personal 1:1 coachings

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She For Social Impact's hands-on practitioners foster quality support and opportunities that help women advance, not only in sustainability-related areas but also on a personal level.

Marissa RootOperating Partner, Visio Forta & TrustedCMO

I felt stuck in my job and didn't know how to change that. The coaching helped me to shift my perspective and to go after opportunities that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

MichelleSenior Manager

What connecting, amplifying and coaching can turn into for you?

  • Exposure in front of new audiences
  • Direct access to decision makers or future employers
  • Facilitated high-impact business opportunities
  • Direct access to sustainability experts
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I love that besides all the insights and support, one gets access to an uplifting energy that is geared to help turn your idea for impact into sustainable reality.

Pritika KumarCounselor and Founder, Cornellia Chambers

The coaching inspired and pushed me to explore other opportunities and generally got me to think about the future in a new way. I am extremely thankful, and I hope that I can find a suitable way to show my gratitude.

FrederikaCultural Producer

Your powerful advantages with SFSI

Accelerate your impact journey and thriving 

Access high-impact resources, sustainability and industry insights, valuable tools, or flexibly consumable up-skilling. Leverage our network of purpose-driven founders, sustainability-informed companies, and domain experts from diverse industries.

Get an affordable and effective PR team

No matter you’re working independently or as an employee, building your brand and network is key for career advancements. She For Social Impact’s team provides an affordable setup for your personal or organizational brand building. Benefit from a range of opportunities to shine in known media outlets or as a speaker.

Gain an edge with actionable insights from practitioners  

Avoid time-consuming guesswork building e.g. game-changing operations or managing ESG across departments. Benefit from our experts‘ hands-on experiences across different business areas.

Tap into European and international networks

We’re based out of the German speaking countries yet built European and international relationships across multiple industries that you can benefit from. Experience other markets or connect with talent and experts from abroad.

Sustainability is conscious decision-making for everything we do.

If you’re an experienced female professional or female entrepreneur who values responsible societal progress and regenerative economies, and who seeks to contribute in meaningful ways through her work-life, She For Social Impact is at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not an entrepreneur. Why should I build my personal brand as an employee?

We believe everyone is uniquely talented and has something valuable to offer for others and organizations. Building your brand, your personal one or the one of your impact-related initiative alongside your job, is beneficial for many reasons. The two most important ones are a) people notice you for who you are and your unique offering, and b) you can increase the amount of opportunities through which you can realize your work-life goals.

I feel stuck in my work-life, but I know that I want change. Is She For Social Impact right for me then?

For your case, we recommend two things:

a) Sign up to our free newsletter and Impact Talent Profile so that you get a feeling for what She For Social Impact is all about, and how we empower women who seek to thrive through purpose and sustainability.

b) Treat yourself and find fulfillment with the help of our recognized top executive coach. Throughout her 25+ years career she has helped so many people who personally struggled with their next career move, and each one of her clients found happiness again.

Is She For Social Impact a PR agency?

She For Social Imapct is the place for female purpose-driven, experienced professionals and entrepreneurs who seek to build their work-life, career or brand in the realm of sustainability and positive impact. We therefore combine PR services, high-impact resources, up-skilling opportunities, career support and network that help them achieve their goals. Calling SFSI a PR agency doesn’t come close to the magic that is created for women at the intersection of our overall offerings.

Is this a free service?

Our mission is to provide the best possible support system for purpose and sustainability-driven women, no matter where they currently are at in their work-life. Hence, we decided to provide our offerings as flexible as possible. Some of our offerings, like for instance our newsletter or talent profile, are free of charge; our PR and business support offerings are subscription-based; and up-skilling offerings are provided on a pay-by-demand basis.

Why is your PR service affordable compared to others?

There is the saying: When there is a will, there is a way. With decades of experience, we have learned many things and found that the best setup to create value for women interested in She For Social Impact is a nontraditional and effective one through which it becomes affordable for female professionals and entrepreneurs. By opting in to our co-creation approach, women actually multiply the value generated for them.

Why do you also offer up-skilling opportunities?

Simply put: to help women thrive in their jobs respectively with their own sustainability-informed business or impact initiative. Technology is constantly evolving and therefore the way how organizations are designed and operated. So it’s beneficial to have a go-to place and network to keep up with the latest developments to stay relevant.

Do you do investments?

She For Social Impact does not invest. However, we share insights and resources on funding opportunities.

How do I connect with other women who signed up for She For Social Impact?

We provide an online platform on which women of a cohort, past and present, can create their profile and connect with others. We also host carefully conceptualized online and offline events to facilitate connections among women in SFSI’s network.

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