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PRESS RELEASE – Female Nominees For the Inaugural, Independent She For Social Impact Awards 2020 Announced

Contact: Lisa Hofmann

Women from all walks of life, different industries and regions have been nominated for the inaugural, independent She For Social Impact Awards 2020.


Berlin, Germany –– March 17, 2020 –– The independent She For Social Impact Awards announce women who are nominated to be recognized with an Award for their impact-led works, that challenge the business as usual or status quo by pursuing advanced solutions for a sustainable future. The international jury, which is comprised of recognized experts, including 10xBeta’s CEO, Marcel Botha; Impact Hub Accra’s Co-founder and CEO, Will Senyo and Earthbeat Foundation’s Chairwomen, Guya Merkle, have selected the Awards nominees from diverse fields such as technology, science, business, finance and culture.

“The coronavirus and climate change show us how fragile our lives can be. To address these challenges and the world’s other pressing issues, thinking and acting collectively as well as the willingness to take bold actions have never been needed as much as today”, says Nadine Bruder, initiator of the Awards. “Recognizing women from different areas who contribute to systemic changes in societies is important, because those women not only act as role models for other women and men. But their works also inform us about regional challenges and show that female perspectives or approaches to problem-solving are of great complementary value with regards to creating sustainability-led systems in society.”

Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards. And pursuing the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is part of the Awards’ mission. Winners of an Award are invited into the Advisory and Judging Board, over time creating a truly diverse, cross-industry, global network of dedicated impact-led role models who inspire to take actions, to foster collaboration and to elevate other women.

“I believe times are changing. If we truly want to build an inclusive world in which prosperity is possible for all, we must elevate some of our brightest women. We need to bring them to the forefront and highlight their worth in building a more inclusive society”, says Advisory and Judging Board Member Will Senyo, Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Accra, Ghana.

“With our world in havoc and panic isn’t it exactly the right time for all of us to think clearly, to lead with kindness and love? Together let’s manifest peace and health and joy – after all what is the alternative?”, says Awards Ambassador Diane Allen, philanthropist and founder of Diane Allen Presents, Los Angeles.


The nominees for the inaugural, independent She For Social Impact Awards 2020 are:

Dame Ellen MacArthur, Founder & Chair of Trustees at Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Robyn Scott, Co-Founder & CEO at Apolitical
Rose Marcario, CEO at Patagonia
Susan Graham, Co-Founder & CEO at Dendra Systems
Kristina Lunz, Co-Founder & Director at the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, Germany
Duezen Tekkal, Journalist, Founder & Chairwoman at
Greta Thunberg, Climate Activist
Molly Bingham, Journalist & Founder of Orb Media
Alisée de Tonnac, Co-Founder & CEO at Seedstars World
Meghan McCormick, Co-Founder & CEO at Ozé & Dare to Innovate
Sallie Krawcheck, Co-Founder & CEO at Ellevest
Suzanne Bishopric, Managing Partner at Global Sovereign Advisors
Caroline Tapparel, Research Professor in Molecular Virology
Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, Research Professor in Chemical Engineering
Ellen Jorgensen, CSO at Aanika
Miishe Addy, Co-Founder & CEO at Jetstream Africa
Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, Co-Founder & CEO at Carbo Culture
Terri Wills, Ex-CEO at World Green Building Council
Ivy Barley, Co-Founder & CEO at Developers in Vogue


Additional female nominees for the Public Choice Award of the She For Social Impact Awards will be announced later in March.

All inaugural recipients of an Award will be announced and recognized in Berlin on June 3, 2020 at an exclusive invite-only event. We strictly follow official guidelines regarding the coronavirus and will adapt the Awards accordingly.



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The independent She For Social Impact Awards have been launched in January 2020 by award-winning strategist and impact investor Nadine Bruder. The Awards create an international platform for impact-led women from diverse industries. They all share the vision that a new sustainable way of business and finance, economic and social gender parity, diversity as well as collectively fighting the world’s most pressing issues are at the core for a sustainable future for all of us. The She For Social Impact Awards aim at amplifying the visionary efforts of Awards nominees and winners, at inspiring impact-led women and men and at building global support systems for women. Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards. The Awards are a not-for-profit initiative and supported by organizations that share the vision and values recognized by the Awards.



German-born award-winning strategist, entrepreneur and impact-led angel investor, who believes «sustainability» is the greatest opportunity for society and innovation in modern history. Nadine Bruder’s career began in 2008, when her first strategy work turned Steve Jobs into a fan of her client’s product, and when she turned MAN Truck & Bus into the first company that publicly acted upon smart cities, energy-efficient transportation and autonomous driving as we know it these days. Since then she has been consulting senior business leaders from internationally operating organizations, technology startups and investment firms. Her cross-industry foresight and holistic approach to business strategy has proven to be a catalytic force for their growth and innovation. In 2015 Nadine set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company to address the global talent shortage. Today, she heads JUST DAMN RIGHT, an impact-led venture platform that she founded, is a member of the Federal German Association for Artificial Intelligence, and holds advisory board positions at startups. Besides, Nadine provides strategy and leadership advisory to senior executives worldwide.