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Reach Your Next Level Through Lean PR and Business Support

She For Social Impact’s team amplifies the work and impact of sustainability-driven, experienced female professionals and female entrepreneurs through lean PR and business opportunities in the German speaking countries as well as across European borders.

Our Secret Sauce


Diverse experts and editorial team with deep industry insights and relationships to generate effective yet cost-efficient PR.


Multiple types of PR opportunities locally and across borders covering recognized and industry-specific outlets and networks.


By application only to connect through shared values and to be able to ensure a personal experience.

How Do We Amplify and Support Your Efforts?

Leverage Lean PR and Brand Building

Grow your reach, build your sustainability-driven brand, or establish yourself as a domain expert.

Benefit from our effective yet cost-efficient PR services – in the German speaking countries and across European borders – offering you diverse opportunities to be seen, read or heard on established podcasts, events, publications, and more.

Outlets in our Network

Increase Your Opportunities to Grow and Connect

Leverage access to high-impact resources, sustainability experts, decision makers, talent, funding opportunities or to facilitated business opportunities.

Build Ties With Like-Minded Allies

Meet your future advisor or employer, attract talent, or curate your personal support system by accessing a network of like-minded women.

Enjoy carefully crafted SFSI events, offline and online, and connect with other sustainability-driven women from different industries who seek to support each other authentically.

Women With SFSI Work/ed at Brands Like

Grow Your Opportunities While Inspiring Other Women to Follow.

We believe everyone has something valuable to offer to others and organizations. Building your personal or company brand and growing your work-life support system, aka network, equals future opportunities that you, a woman, should have in our humble opinion.

The more people notice you for who you are, for your unique gifts or your impact, the more work-life related opportunities will come your way. Hence, you’ll be able to realize your goals more easily respectively with a feeling of ease. And that’s what She For Social Impact is here to support you with.

What’s Included in This Offering?


Admission to our PR and Business Support services.


Multiple lean and effective PR opportunities with established outlets in different industries – in the German speaking countries and across Europe.


Access to high-impact resources, funding opportunities, and facilitated business opportunities.


Personal profile and access to other women in SFSI’s directory.


Invitations to carefully crafted SFSI events, offline and online, and access to exclusive perks.


Support from our team as well as facilitated connections among women with SFSI.

One of the best investments that I've made. The value received from SFSI paid off the investment multiple times.

Daniela SchweingruberFounder & CEO, nooii

Are You Ready to Invest In Yourself and Your Impact While Connecting With Phenomenal Women Like You?

Getting She For Social Impact’s support for 12 months is as much as hiring an agency for only half a month.

12 Installments

EUR 210

Per Months

Save EUR 420Save EUR 420

EUR 2.100

One-Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who shall apply for PR and Business Support?

She For Social Impact is servicing experienced female professionals and female entrepreneurs who are serious about investing in themselves, in positive impact, and about pursuing a sustainable-informed work-life. 

Their goals are such as growing their purposed-driven brand, building their personal brand as an expert, gearing up for a career change in sustainability, or starting their own impact initiative.

We understand She For Social Impact to attract mostly women seeking a safe space to open up and thrive collectively. She For Social Impact is inclusive to all women and non-binary individuals who fit our selection criteria, regardless of biological gender, preferred pronouns, or given names. Men are welcome to She For Social Impact’s ecosystem as supporters of women and equal opportunities.

I'm employed. Why should I build my personal brand?

We believe everyone is uniquely talented and has something valuable to offer for others and organizations. Building your brand, your personal one or the one of your impact-related initiative alongside your job, is beneficial for many reasons.

The two most important ones are a) people notice you for who you are and your unique gifts and offering. And b) you increase the amount of opportunities through which you can realize your work-life goals.

In which countries can I benefit from your services?

SFSI’s team operates out of Germany and Switzerland, with a network that spans across European and international borders. We operate in the German speaking markets in German, and elsewhere either in English or in respective local languages.

How shall I look at my investment?

SFSI’s lean PR and Business Support for 12 months costs way less than hiring an agency for half a month.

It’s the best investment that you can make in yourself, if you are ready to build your brand and a supportive network of like-minded allies while you level-up your sustainability-informed work-life.

Our diverse team provides a range of effective PR and brand building opportunities in different industries locally and across borders throughout the year. It also offers personalized support and facilitated business opportunities for women who claim our services. An offer which is priceless in our humble opinion.

Can I apply throughout the year?

You can apply throughout the year. However, in order to be able to provide a personal experience for women who claim our PR and Business Support, we accept new applicants on a quarterly basis only. Go to the application here.