The coronavirus crisis has hit our social lives in unprecedented ways. It made us reevaluate existing standards, magnified broken systems in societies, reminded us about the essentials of life and left us with mixed feelings about the future. At the same time the damages caused for economies are highly severe, some experts proclaim the end of capitalism as the Western world knows it, and the Amazon rainforest – the green lunges of the planet – continues to be burned down despite climate security agreements. Nothing to feel good about, but still there is hope!

Hello – I’m Nadine Bruder, host of this upcoming series of online talks and founder of the independent She For Social Impact Awards which recognize solutions led by women that create a sustainable future already today. Given the current challenging times, I felt the urge to create a space for open conversations and to gather experts from different industries for a special series of „What Matters“ live talks during UN General Assembly and Climate Week end of September. The goal of this series is to facilitate conversations and insights at the intersection of the climate crisis – globalization – digitalization – sustainability – equality and politics. And most importantly, to inspire action and to explore collectively how we can create a desirable, more equitable future.

The overarching theme for the online talks is „This Decade of Systemic Changes“ and they contribute to the educational program of the She For Social Impact Awards, a not-for-profit initiative that I launched this year. Registering for the talks is for free and you are able to voluntarily make a small contribution during the signup process.

And last but not least, I feel truly grateful for the experts that collaborate on this, and I hope that you’re as much excited about their perspectives as I am. Below you find the agenda – Looking forward to seeing you!

Live Talks

Access to each talk is FREE. You need to register for each talk that you like to attend.
Note – if you like, you are able to voluntarily make a small contribution (aka „donation“) during the signup process.

September 22, 2020 – 4:30 pm CEST / 10:30 am EST

„This decade of systemic changes: Life with clean energy & synthetic food“

Jesse Scott, Senior Advisor at Agora Energiewende (based in Germany), and Catherine Tubb, Senior Research Analyst at RethinkX (based in UK), will take us to a „Life with clean energy and synthetic food“.

The food industry accounts for one quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time the demand for food increases due to a growing global population. The challenge is to address both developments PLUS taking into account the effects of climate change on the agricultural and food industries, such as droughts, devastating heavy rains or flooding and severe winds. So does this mean that we will have lab-grown food only in the future? Transitioning towards zero carbon industries and everyday lives is at the heart of addressing climate change. „Energy“ whether in the form of electricity, heat, transport or industrial processes, accounts for the majority – 76% – of greenhouse gas emissions. So how can we get as fast as possible to a clean energy world, taking into account our globally connected, regional economies and governmental bodies?

In this talk we will hear for example:

  • how the food industry in the US and elsewhere will be different by 2030;
  • opportunities and challenges ahead of us to reach a zero carbon economy in Germany respectively in Europe;
  • proof of concepts / working solutions from different regions in the world;
  • if the digitalization of traditional industries can truly help accelerate systemic changes; and
  • how individuals can get involved in these areas.

September 23, 2020 – 4:30 pm CEST / 10:30 am EST

„This decade of systemic changes: Welcome to everything digitalized“

Sascha Pallenberg, Head of Digital Transformation at Daimler AG (based in Taiwan) and Anna Marti, Manager Global Innovation & Digitalization at Friedrich Naumann Foundation (based in Germany) will take us to a „Welcome to everything digitalized“.

In this session we will cover for example:

  • how open government structures create civic innovations (examples from Taiwan);
  • smart and sustainable city living;
  • balanced competition and privacy regulations; and
  • as data is poised to be the new oil, which will be the limitations of data-driven businesses after 2030.

September 24, 2020 – 4:30 pm CEST / 10:30 am EST

„This decade of systemic changes: Power to the people to drive change“

Pritika Kumar, Lawyer and CEO at Cornellia Chambers & Initiator of People India (based in India), and Jeannette Guskow, Senior Regional Manager DACH at GoFundMe & Manager at 3rd Generation East Germany (based in Germany), will share insights and experiences focusing on „Power to the people to drive change“.

Pritika helps people to recreate India with her initiative People India. As a lawyer, she’s currently on a mission to go after the big corporations in India that cause the severe plastic crisis and to hold them accountable for their behavior which doesn’t comply with existing laws. She will talk about sustainability in India and about what can be done to hold people in power accountable. Jeannette is one of the most active supporters of equality, justice, feminism and civic engagement that I know. She not only has personal experiences related to the so called „Silent Revolution“ of protestants in the former socialist part of Germany that contributed to fall of the iron curtain, but beyond that a wealth of diverse activists engagements. Jeannette will give a look inside her work and will also share insights on how to claim and increase one’s power for positive change.

September 29, 2o20 – 4:30 pm CEST / 10:30 am EST

„This decade of systemic changes: Can a Social Market Economy Help Us Through?“

Simon Steinbrueck, Executive Board Member Wirtschaftsrat CDU (based in Germany), will share his perspectives on a social market economy and why it is relevant in this decade of uncertainties and systemic changes.

In his book „The Perfect Storm“ (Der Perfekte Sturm) that has been published end of 2019 he analyzes, if Europe is faced with a so-called perfect storm in which various components come together unfavorably and mutually reinforce each other to the maximum. As he points out, the political map is already shifting, and extreme tendencies are growing stronger. An emerging crisis that makes the loss of assets visible and tangible will again raise fundamental questions about Europe and Germany’s role in it. Even the monetary system and the free economic order are threaten to get out of whack. But there are ways to take counter-measurements to prevent Europe from the worst.

About What Matters

„What Matters“ is a series of talks and thoughts curated and hosted by Nadine Bruder. She interviews extraordinary people to share new and different perspectives on Sustainability, Society, Meaning and Happiness.

About the Awards

The independent, global She For Social Impact Awards have been launched in June 2020 and honor women, whose impact-led works address the world’s most pressing issues through innovation and vision. These women challenge the status quo by pursuing advanced solutions for a sustainable future. Their efforts help achieve the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs). Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards.

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The Awards are an initiative by JUST DAMN RIGHT and its founder Nadine Bruder.