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Uplevel Your Purpose-Driven Work-Life

Leverage exclusive growth opportunities. Harness high-impact resources. Invest in vetted startups and sustainable solutions. Access a powerful member collective of values-based women. However your goals – We got your back!

She For Social Impact connects purpose-driven female top talent and senior executives who want to up-level their values-based work-life with facilitated growth and funding opportunities, access to high-impact resources, and a private network of like-minded women, together accelerating a sustainable, equitable future.

Grounded In Mutual Support

Purpose-Driven. Powerful. Action Oriented.

We service exceptional women – entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, domain experts, talented creatives and engineers – who achieved already meaningful success in their work-life.

What they all share is the desire for responsible progress, a regenerative economy that puts people and planet first, and more women in decision rooms. They truly lead from their hearts.

However the kind and area of your desired impact goals – We got your back!

Your Power Advantage 

A Progressive Blend of Sustainability, Tech Startup World, and Business Growth.

Our secret ingredients? Careful member curation and personalization, advanced approach to impact and growth, and high-value offerings such as:

  • Facilitated select growth and funding opportunities
  • Access to high-value resources and finance opportunities
  • On-ramp/ up-skilling on sustainability and innovations
  • Game-changing digital operations

Level-Up Your Purpose-Driven Work-Life With Ease

However your needs, we provide your powerful support system.

Become an Expert

Become an impact expert by leveraging our high-value resources and flexible up-skilling opportunities. Access domain experts and excel at sustainability.

Amplify and Grow

Build your brand or impact initiative, upgrade operations and finance, or co-create sustainable solutions. Benefit from facilitated business and growth opportunities.

Invest In Impact

Invest in vetted sustainable solutions and startups. Become board member. Join a purpose-driven company, or mentor other members. So much you can do.

Our High-Touch Concierge Approach Steers the Wheels

✔️  Get 1:1 access to our dedicated team and the collective.

✔️  Fast-track with exclusive resources and opportunities.

✔️  Enjoy a personalized member experience.

✔️  Be thoughtfully matched.

Additional Benefits

Accelerate Your Impact Journey

Harness high-impact resources, tools, on-demand education, and industry insights. Leverage access to influential members, purpose-driven founders as well as to domain experts from diverse industries.

Grow Your Brand and Business

Make your mark applying exclusive marketing tactics and facilitated opportunities for you to shine in respective media outlets or as a speaker. Leverage modern business growth opportunities.

Level-up Operations and Finance 

Build game-changing digital operations and teams. Harness access to funding opportunities, or find needed resources and your future co-founder.

Enjoy Authentic Connections 

Expand your network through carefully crafted member events and facilitated matchmakings, both online and offline. Experience exclusive member perks along.

The diverse team of experienced, hands-on practitioners fosters relevant insights and great opportunities that help women advance.

Marissa RootOperating Partner, Visio Forta & TrustedCMO

One gets access to game-changing expertise and uplifting energy that is geared to help turn your idea for impact into sustainable reality.

Pritika KumarCounselor and Founder, Cornellia Chambers
Curation Criteria

Are We a Good Match?

We are interested in female top talent and executives who are serious about executing on their desire for meaningful impact, while investing in themselves and other change makers. Do our curation criteria resonate with you? 

You seek collaboration and authentic relationships for building toward a desirable future for yourself, humankind, and for a healthy planet.

You are ready to uplevel your purpose-driven work-life and help accelerate sustainable solutions.

You have achieved meaningful success in your life or career, and you are able to give back to others.

You value the magic happening at the intersection of different groups, experiences, and perspectives.

You resonate with the wisdom: „If you come together with a mission, and it’s grounded in love and sense of community, you can make the impossible possible.“ 

Since the global pandemic and as climate disasters increase, our collective awareness and search for meaning are rising – and so are women. They're demanding responsibility, equal opportunities, and doing things differently. Therefore, She For Social Impact is support system, impact concierge, and member collective for those inspiring, bold women who lead from their hearts.

Nadine BruderFounder of She For Social Impact

Fast-Track and Enjoy Thriving

Become board member.

Grow your purpose-driven brand or impact solution.

Invest in vetted sustainable innovations and startups.

Join a responsible company/ organization.

Find the talent you need.

Mentor other female members. 

So much is possible… 

Ready to Invest In Yourself, Your Impact and a Journey With Purpose-Driven Like-Minds?

Providing a great onboarding and member experience for everyone is key to us. That’s why we not only apply curation criteria to the membership application process. We also decided to accept new members in badges only.

Application deadline for opportunity to join:
February 12, 2023

Service and membership costs way less than hiring an agency for a single month.

Your Investment


EUR 210

per month

AnnualSave EUR 420

EUR 2.100

per yearYou save EUR 420

Get -30% OFF by inviting other purpose-driven women to join.


How shall I look at my investment?

A whole year of She For Social Impact’s service and membership costs way less than hiring an agency or a domain expert for a single month.

Our collective of exceptional women speaks for itself, and our team of domain experts provides a range of high-impact resources, game-changing operations, sustainability expertise, and facilitated growth and funding opportunities which are priceless.

It’s the best investment you can make in yourself, if you are ready to up-level your purpose-driven work-life while building a supportive network and authentic connections with impressive, like-minded women.

How does the She For Social Impact team supports me?

She For Social Impact’s thriving collective of purpose-driven, powerful women who have your back combined with our high-impact concierge cater to individual needs. From becoming an impact expert or growing your business and brand, to investing into sustainable solutions, setting up your own initiative, or starting a career in sustainability.

Our team of diverse operators with relevant relations into different industries including media, digital tech, impact and finance helps putting women on the fast lane to achieving their goals.

We provide access to high-value resources and finance opportunities, hands-on education from industry experts, and enable exclusive growth opportunities. Additionally, you have 1:1 access to our member team, and we focus strongly on facilitating meaningful, game-changing relationships among respectively for our members.

What sets She For Social Impact apart?

She For Social Impact is support system, impact concierge and member collective for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, creatives, and domain experts executing their next work-life move, and collectively change the status-quo. What they share is the desire for mindful societal progress, a regenerative and inclusive economy which puts people and planet first, and giving back to rise together.

She For Social Impact’s team is made up of hands-on experienced operators who merge progressively the sustainability, digital startup, marketing, and financial worlds. Additionally, we carefully foster meaningful connections and a culture of mutual support. So that members can achieve their goals with ease while building a network of allies and new friends.

Who shall apply for membership?

We are interested in servicing experienced female professionals who are serious about investing in themselves, supporting others, and executing on their desire for purpose and sustainable solutions. For those who identify with our curation criteria, an extraordinary membership experience awaits.

She For Social Impact is inclusive to all women and non-binary individuals who fit our curation criteria, regardless of biological gender, preferred pronouns, or given names. Men are welcome to the collective as supporters of women and equal opportunities as we understand our brand to attract mostly women who need a safe space to open up and thrive collectively.

Do you offer installments?

For the yearly service and membership plan you can choose between monthly installments and a one-time payment which saves you €420.