Honoring women across industries and countries whose works create societal, economic and environmental impact


These are the women who are nominated to be recognized with the inaugural, independent She For Social Impact Awards 2020. Their impact-led works address the world’s most pressing issues through innovation and vision. They challenge the status quo or business as usual by pursuing advanced solutions for a sustainable future. The international Advisory and Judging Board selected the nominees from different regions of the world and different fields such as technology, science, business, finance and culture.

Due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, the initially planned Awards event in Berlin on June 3, 2020 will now be taken online. In that spirit, the announcement of the winners will be streamed online on June 3.

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Sallie Krawcheck

Co-Founder & CEO at Ellevest

Closing the gender finance gap

Ivy Barley

Co-Founder & CEO at Developers in Vogue

Providing opportunities in the tech ecosystem for African women

Greta Thunberg

Climate Activist

Mobilizing masses worldwide for climate action

Molly Bingham

Journalist & Founder of Orb Media

Establishing scalable ways to provide educational content and insights about pressing issues in societies

Caroline Tapparel

Research Professor in Molecular Virology

Developing new antiviral materials made from sugar which are non-toxic and could address a broad spectrum of viruses

Rose Marcario

CEO at Patagonia

Promoting conscious consumerism and responsible corporate leadership

Henrietta Kekäläinen

Co-Founder & CEO at Carbo Culture

Trapping carbon and putting it to use to make soil healthier

Robyn Scott

Co-Founder & CEO at Apolitical

Connecting governments with innovators for better informed decision-making and drafting laws/ regulations

Ellen Jorgensen

CSO at Aanika

Leveraging synthetic biology to create scalable solutions for supply chain verification at molecular or raw material level

Meghan McCormick

Co-Founder & CEO at Ozé & Dare to Innovate

Empowering African SMEs through business management coaching

Susan Graham

Co-Founder & CEO at Dendra Systems

Using data analytics and drone technology for deforestation

Duezen Tekkal

Journalist, Founder & Chairwoman at HAWAR.help

Raising awareness about human rights violation in conflict regions and creating support for victims

Terri Wills

Ex-CEO at World Green Building Council

Promoting industry standards for the building industry and increasing sustainable urban living

Kristina Lunz

Co-Founder & Director at the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, Germany

Increasing female perspectives in policy and diplomacy across nations

Suzanne Bishopric

Managing Partner at Global Sovereign Advisors

Top-managing finance at the United Nations for almost 25 years

Miishe Addy

Co-Founder & CEO at Jetstream Africa

Enabling African SMEs to trade with other countries

Alisée de Tonnac

Co-Founder & CEO at Seedstars World

Providing funding opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries

Sandra Pascoe Ortiz

Research Professor in Chemical Engineering

Engineering a bio-degradable alternative to regular plastic based on cactus juice

Pursuing the United Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform the world is part of the Awards mission.

The independent She For Social Impact Awards launched this year honor women, whose impact-led works address the world’s most pressing issues through innovation and vision. These women challenge the business as usual or status quo by pursuing advanced solutions for a sustainable future.

Independence as well as human and professional quality are the core considerations for attributing the Awards. Recognized personalities on the inaugural, international Advisory and Judging Board for the Awards will select the nominees and announce the winners on June 3, 2020 during a live online event. Sign up here to get notified for the online streaming or follow us on Instagram to not miss out.

Winners of an Award will be invited into the international Advisory and Judging Board, over time creating a truly diverse, cross-industry, global network of dedicated impact-led role models who inspire to take actions, foster collaboration and elevate other women.

The She For Social Impact Awards are a pro bono initiative of Nadine Bruder – award-winning strategist, entrepreneur and member of the Federal German Artificial Intelligence Association. They are supported by organizations that share the vision and values recognized by these Awards.

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Published March 2020


End of March – end of April 2020


June 3, 2020

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She For Social Impact Awards Nominees are selected by the Advisory and Judging Board, a group of impact-led leaders and experts in their respective fields, trusted by their peers. Nominees and Winners are evaluated against criteria.

Maximum four (4) nominees can be defined in the Awards fields of nomination.

  • Each Advisory and Judging Board Member independently curates potential nominees and rates each of them against criteria.
  • Board Members collectively define the top entries that are then included on the nominee shortlist for further evaluation by the Advisory and Judging Board.
  • Board Members evaluate a second time the shortlisted entries based on the criteria, and eventually cast ballots to determine the Winners. In the event of a tie, the Chairwomen casts the tie-breaking vote.

Interested in becoming a member of the Advisory and Judging Board?

Email us at awards@sheforsocialimpact.com and briefly tell us about you and your motivation. Thank you.