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„With COVID-19 it is a really interesting time to demonstrate the butterfly effect. I think we need to learn that lesson as a human society in 1000 other ways and stories about how our individual actions are related to the lives and well-being of others.“

Molly Bingham
Founder & President, Orb Media (USA)

#SFSIstayhome interview series

– These interviews here are part of a series with award nominees done online during the global coronavirus lockdowns. –

Shortly after the lockdown in the United States Molly Bingham, Founder & President of Orb Media, welcomes Nadine Bruder in her home on the East Coast for a longer conversation. We broke it down into three different interviews – see them all down below.


In the first one, Molly shares insights into how Orb Media helped uncover the global issue of micro plastics found in 90% of bottled water, her view on the future of quality journalism post-covid19 and what it takes to build trust in media and in work relationships.


In these two interviews here below, Molly talks about her passion for storytelling; sustainability and the butterfly effect; how news could benefit people more, and about the most dangerous situation she has ever been into because of her work as investigative journalist.

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