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„It’s interesting to be at the forefront where there is a lot of mechanisms of our natural world that we don’t even understand yet. And being there when they are being discovered is pretty cool, I have to say.“

Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen
Co-Founder & CEO, Carbo Culture (USA/Finland)

#SFSIstayhome interview series

– These interviews are part of a series with award nominees done online during the global coronavirus lockdowns. –

Up north in Finland’s mountains, Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen, Co-Founder & CEO of Carbo Culture, welcomes Nadine Bruder in her little cottage. We broke their longer conversation down into three different interviews – watch them all down below here.


In the first one, Henrietta shares with us insights into how her company Carbo Culture is capturing carbon from the atmosphere and putting it to work for healthier soil; why one of the best sources of inspiration for innovation is nature; how more women can be encouraged to engage in technology, science and entrepreneurship; and what we can learn from the Finland to advance education and workforce that fits a digital future.


In these ones here, Henrietta talks about opportunities for innovation with the science of nature; her journey into entrepreneurship, the Queen and Angela Merkel; and reveals what she would invent, too.

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